All course registrations expire after 30 days.

FORTIFIED Roof™ Contractor Certification

To be recognized as a FORTIFIED Roof™ contractor, you must have at least one employee who has successfully completed the FORTIFIED Wise™ Roofing Contractor Training Course and received a passing grade on the examination and provide additional required documentation.

Following completion of the training course, certification candidates will take an online assessment examination. Candidates will have 2 hours in which to complete the examination and must answer at least 85% of the questions correctly to pass. Three attempts are permitted within 30 days of exam registration.

If You Fail a Certification Exam

Candidates who fail the certification exam in all three attempts and want to continue with the certification process are required to re-take the FORTIFIED Wise™ course and examination. The candidate is required to pay all appropriate fees.

If after taking the class and the exam again, a candidate still does not pass, the candidate must wait 6 months before retaking the course and the exam. The candidate must again pay all appropriate fees.